Character Creation

Player Name The name of the player.

Character The name of the character.

Game Points The number of game points you have. (Start with 20.)

Profession The character class.

Sex Male or Female.

Age Teenager, Young Adult, Mature Adult, or Older Adult.

Size Small, Average, Large, or Huge

Body Type Thin, Average, Heavy, or Overweight.

(Optional) Species/Race Manually fill in this optional entry.

Out of Park Profession Desk Job, Entertainer, Outdoorsman, Scholar, Physician, Professional, Sales, Law Enforcement, Military, Artist/Creative, Technician, Pilot/Drive, or Other (fill in the blank for other).

Motivation Greed, Honor, Your Word, Honesty, Knowledge, Vengeance, Love, Power, Being Best, Having A Good Time, Friendship, Resolving Trauma, Loyalty, or Other (fill in the blank for other).

Attitude and Traits Shy and Secretive; Rebellious and Antisocial; Arrogant and Proud; Moody, Rash, and Headstrong; Friendly and Outgoing; Picky, Fussy, and Nervous; Stable and Serious; Silly and Fluffheaded; Sneaky and Deceptive; Intellectual and Detached; Bitter and Cynical; Sarcastic and Wisecracking; Jealous and Vindictive; or Other (fill in the blank for other).

Personal Attributes and Problems
These can’t go above +3 in any particular attribute. Numerical value is in parenthesis. Any (D) will be variable depending on severity of the problem. Both must balance at zero when selection is completed.

Please click on the links below for the personal attributes and personal problems lists.

Personal Attributes

Personal Problems


Social Enter a social goal for the character.

Professional Enter a professional goal for the character.

Hobby Enter a hobby or hobbies for your character.

You will get 3 free points to assign among your basic skills to allow character customization.

This will complete the character creation process for playing Dream Park. The next step is to use the Game Points to select options for the character in the Options section. Please select the link below to go to the Options page.


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Character Creation

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