Personal Problems

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Absentminded (-3) The character never remembers anything, making it hard for him to remember formulas, facts, and information. A -1 penalty to all Programming, Language, Navigation, Zenology, Botany, Physics, Psychology, Archeology, Anthropology, Zoology, and Survival skills.

Addiction (-2,D) An addiction is an overwhelming compulsion to use or partake of something. Typical addictions would be: food, alcohol, sex, ect. When the desired substance is offered, the player must make an Extremely Hard Willpower roll to turn it down, or he will indulge as much as possible to the exclusion of all other things. Each day, he must make a Hard Willpower roll to avoid seeking out the desired substance to the exclusion of all other activities.

Clumsy (-2) The character is horrible to do anything with athletics or hand-eye coordination. He has an automatic -1 penalty to any Athletics, Stealth, Ranged Weapons, Melee Weapons, Hand to Hand, Tinkering, Dodge, or Fighting skills.

Common Weakness (-3) An agreed-on problem for Magic-users, Clerics, Psionics, and Superheroes only. While in the game, the character loses the ability to use Superpowers, cast spells, or use psionics whenever exposed to this common, everyday object. It could be salt, water, iron, cats, dogs, insects-but it must be something that could be encountered at least once a day. An example of this would be the traditional weakness of fairies to cold iron.

Deadly Weakness (-3) Another agreed-on problem that must be ok’d by the Gamemaster. Exposure to this object or element will kill the character out of the game (Deadly damage each turn until the object is removed). A deadly weakness cannot be anything common; it must be something specially prepared or otherwise brought to the player (Green Kryptonazium, a rare alien element, would be an example).

Dyslexia (-2) The character has a problem perceiving letters and numbers. The Gamemaster may choose to jumble text up to be incomprehensible, or reverse the order of numbers in a list. Any reading-related task is made at half its normal skill.

Illiterate (-3) The character can’t read at all. Not a word. Forget about reading magic books, clues, or technical manuals.

Lousy Personality (-2) No matter how you act, people just seem to dislike you. Maybe it’s an abrasive voice or an annoying grin. A -2 penalty to all Seduction, Persuasion, and Acting skills.

Phobia (-1,D) A phobia is a fear of something so overwhelming that when you confront it, all you can do is react by running away frantically. (Or, if that’s impossible, collapsing into a twitching heap.) When you are confronted by your phobia, you must take an Extremely Hard Willpower roll to keep from reacting. Common phobias would be: fear of crowds, the dark, death, and dead things, enclosed spaces, heights, insects, monsters, snakes, cats, dogs, the opposite sex, ect.

Powerful Enemy (-2) The character is consistently the focus of the Gamemaster’s attention. No matter what the game, the Gamemaster always sends the thugs out to get him, with the rest of the group an afterthought.

Space Cadet (-2) The character drifts around in a world of his own, oblivious to everything. All Awareness rolls are made at a -2 penalty.

Split Personality (-2) This is an alternate “you” that appears under stress or privation. The Gamemaster controls the personality, allowing it to act as he desires while it is in control. To stop the alternate personality from taking over takes a Very Hard Willpower roll; to stuff him/her back into the box is Extremely Hard.

Tag-A-Long (-1) The character has acquired a follower; some type of obnoxious or otherwise pain in the neck character controlled by the Gamemaster. The Tag-A-Long shows up at the most inopportune moments, always blurts out the wrong thing at the wrong time, and generally makes himself a pain to the player at all times.

Ugly (-2) The character is really homely. Bone ugly, in fact. He suffers a -2 penalty to all Seduction and Persuasion skills.

Weak Will (-1) You just don’t have the strength to say no. A -1 penalty to all Willpower rolls.

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Personal Problems

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