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Armor Stats is explained as follows:

Class: The armor class, indicating wound stopping power. Abbreviations are shown in the paranetheses. Stats are abbreviated with the letters in bold uppercase: Very Light (VL): (-1) wound from damage, Light (L): (-3), Medium (M): (-5), Heavy (H): (-7), Very Heavy (VH): (-9), Super Heavy (SH): (-11), Mega Heavy (MH): (-15), and Cosmic (COS): (-20).

Cost: Cost in character points to purchase the armor at varying levels of coverage. Coverage is what parts of the body is protected. For each armor type, the cost of the armor at each available level of coverage listed. What an armor is not available in a certain coverage, a hyphen will appear instead of a cost number. Coverage abbreviations are in parentheses.
Head (H): Head. Can include neck and face.
Torso (T): Torso and groin only. Arms are exposed.
Upper Body (UB): Torso and arms.
Full Body (FB): Complete coverage except for head.
Shield (S): Indicates a shield, which stops an attack against any one hit location on a successful parry.

Specifications (SPECS): Special notes, such as life support, power, special resistance, etc. Included only when necessary.

Shields: Shields are used to parry, and can stop attacks up to and including their own armor class. When a shield takes more damage than it can stop, the wounds that get through act against any armor that the character is wearing. Any wounds that get through the shield and armor act against the character. Hit location works normally.

The stats are listed as follows: Armor Name: Class; Head; Torso, Upper Body; Full Body; Shield; SPECS.

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