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Weapon has the following stats:
Damage (DAM): The damage class of the weapon, no including strength bonuses. Damage classes are abbreviated by the letters in parentheses. Very Light (VL), Light (L), Serious (S), Critical ©, Deadly (D), Very Deadly (VD), Extremely Deadly (ED), Super Deadly (SD), and Cosmic (COS).

Range (RAN): The range over which the weapon is effective. Abbreviations are shown in parentheses. Hand (H): Within 5 feet, Close ©: 5-60 feet, Medium (M): 60-120 feet, Long (L): 120-240 feet, Extreme (E): 240-480 feet, Blast (BL): 10 feet, and Beam (BM): 250 feet long X 5 feet wide, and Beam to Extreme Range (BE): 480 feet long x 5 feet wide.

Accuracy (ACC): Number used to modify attack rolls.

Rate of Fire (ROF): How many times per turn that a weapon can be wielded or fired.

Shots (SHO): How many rounds a projectile weapon can fire between reloads. For bows, the number is the amount of arrows in the quiver, for heavy weapons, the number of bursts/shots/attacks in the basic load, and for firearms, the number of shots in one magazine or load.

Reloads cost 1 point each.

Energy cells (6 Pack) for 1 point each. Energy cell will provide the number of shots in each weapon listing before it has to be changed out or recharged.

Cost (COS): The cost in character points to buy the weapon.

Specifications (SPECS): Special notes on a weapon. Used only when necessary.

Weapon listing:
Name of Weapon: DAM; RAN; ACC; ROF; SHO; COST

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